Monday, January 19, 2009

New Clothes for Guys and Girls! Hoodies, Tees, Dresses, Leggings!

Hay sailors!

IT's been about 48-64 months worth of work on my part to put a whole new shop and a bunch of new clothing together

and it's finally finished. Heartattack & Vine has been rebuilt and stocked with a bunch of new clothes at the

newly revamped and relocated Appearance Mode. So, before the robots take over and the world ends come on by my

store and check out all the new things (and old stuff, too! LOLROFLKEKEFASDFJ123RLKSDBU) and don't forget to visit

all my friends shops in our lovely shopping area zone park arena circus bedsheet. After you get done with all of

that, we can go get mojitos together!

Heartattack and Vine: Here

Love, Guerrilla


Ana Lutetia said...

woooo! I have been waiting for new releases from you for a while. Thank you for getting back with new stuff.

loanmod pro said...

This new collection is looking great and colorful too. I hope guys and gals will definitely accept this from open hearts.
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